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The Staincliffe Hotel was originally constructed in 1869 as a seafront villa for local businessman Thomas Walker. Walker was a timber merchant who employed more than 200 people at his sawmills in Hartlepool, which had been built in 1851. As well as his business interests, Walker also had a lifelong passion for art, using a cupola at the top of the building as a studio. This room would eventually be removed due to storm damage.

The building was sold by the Walker family following its owner’s death in 1889, with the new owner adding a billiards room in 1903. In 1921 the building was sold again to Cresswell Gray for use as a convalescence home for the workers of his father’s shipbuilding firm.

The villa was converted into a hotel in 1929, with the original conservatory demolished and replaced with a ballroom during the 1930's.

The hotel has been a keypartof the Seaton Carew seafront ever since and hasnow been redeveloped to the highest standard, with interiors designed by Helen Morris at the award-winning Stencil Library.